Welcome to the myHq beta!

There are plenty of changes and additions. Take your time, look around. Plenty more features are to come. The aim of this current beta is to provide an upgrade to the links management capabilities of the original myHq.

Register (gratis... free) and take a test drive, or, continue reading to get an idea of what myHq offers.

  • Core functions & features

    • Your own subdomain (http://yourusername.myhq.com)
      Each user will get their own subdomain. Your homepage, and all your applications will reside in one place.
    • Multiple applications (links, blog, etc)
      Ok, so only the link application is ready. More are on the way... You may have multiple copies of these applications, for example, a work only links app, and a family only links app.
    • Permissioning / Access Control / Grouping
      Control who gets access to your pages, create groups with different permissions. For example, your family may be able to access your 'home links' but colleagues can only access your 'work links'. Private links, well, those can only be accessed by yourself.
    • Social networking (link to people, add them to your network)
      A buzzword. But yes, you can link to people and add them to your network. Links are either one-way (you to them, them to you) or mutual (the best kind, recognition of each other).
  • Application: Links (or online bookmark manager)

    • View your bookmarks online
      Access them from anywhere, afterall, that is what an online bookmark manager should do.. eh?
    • Save a page
      Save the (text) contents of a page into your account. Refer to the page even if it is not online anymore. Due to copyright concerns, saved pages are only viewable by yourself
    • Search your bookmarks, notes, and saved pages
      As it says, searching is possible through your collection of bookmarks, notes & saved pages.
    • Tags or Categories (or both)
      Tag your bookmarks, use a tag cloud, categorize them, directory style or use a nav tree, or use it all at once. Potaeto.. potaato..
    • Multiple navigation options (your choice)
      The original myHq tabular layout is available, as is directory style or tag based navigation.
    • Import/Export bookmarks
      Easily import and export, to and from IE, Firefox, Opera, Del.icio.us